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This is our studio site where we talk about our work building Bento, TrackYourPosition & HumbleHost. Also offering client services for SEO & PPC.

A passionate team you'll love working with!

Small, Nimble & Remote

Working online, from the places that makes us happiest.

Profitable & Privately Owned

We're in it for the long haul.

Independent & Free Thinkers

Encouraging original thinking in everything we do.

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Jesse Hanley 🇦🇺

Founder and CEO

Driving the strategy & vision for the portfolio of projects under Backpack Internet.

Rabia Sitabi 🇳🇱

COO & Lead Consultant

Rabia makes sure Backpack Internet is a well-oiled happy machine dealing with all the operations that come with running a successful remote team.

Meg Roy 🇺🇸


Manny Alban 🇺🇸

Head of Search Projects

Manny is our main man to implement our advanced SEO strategies, go to him for fresh takes on website optimisations and the best spots to eat in NYC.

Adrijan Arsovski 🇲🇰

Copywriter & Word Wrangler (Eng)

Una Gasparovic 🇷🇸

Copywriter & Word Wrangler (Eng)

Ana Simova 🇲🇰

Copywriter & Word Wrangler (Eng)

Farida Khan 🇮🇳

Copywriter & Word Wrangler (Eng)

Anastasija Petrevska 🇲🇰

Copywriter & Word Wrangler (Eng)

Marliese van de Meer 🇳🇱

Copywriter & Word Wrangler (Dutch)