Bento, a product we're hoping to release next month, is built on Ruby on Rails.

Whilst we're really proud of how far our team been able to push the framework to create the product we've always wanted, we felt it was missing something.

It was missing personality.

It was missing flair.

We wanted the product to be loved by our users, not just used.

So a couple of days ago we started playing with Stimlus.js, a javascript framework developed by Basecamp.

Within a couple of minutes using Webpacker we had it up and running.

I was shocked at how easy it was to integrate into the product.

Within a couple of additional minutes, we had little delightful features like this ...

... added in only a couple of lines of javascript.

A lot of the changes I'm currently making will be small, but each one will speed up how someone uses the app.

Less page loads, same amount of work.

By the end of it, I'd be surprised if anyone would guess it was a Rails app.

If you're interested in playing with it check out