The short answer: we're closing it down and merging it into the Backpack brand.

We've decided between the team that we want to stay small, working with only a handful of clients at a time who help define us and our work, instead of letting growth dictate that.

Our clients have never wanted to work with an "agency".

They want to have someone on their side, in the trenches.

They want to have someone giving them the attention they are paying for.   

They want to know that the people managing their campaigns actually have had skin in the game.

So for us, defining ourselves as a studio felt more genuine and in line with what we do.

Catching ourselves early, especially after having some insights into how other firms have grown, feels good. I'd hate to grow a business that I wouldn't want to run long term.

We'll still be taking on work (with the right clients), and our existing clients will continue to receive the same focused attention they've had since the beginning.

The only difference is that the entity of RankingPress will be closing down.

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