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This is our studio site where we talk about our work building Bento, TrackYourPosition & HumbleHost. Also offering client services for SEO & PPC.

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Hi, we're Backpack.

We start, grow, & help market wonderful internet businesses.

What we're about

Companies hire us to market their products, scale acquisition channels (mainly SEO/SEM & Facebook Advertising), improve their conversion rates or just bring new ideas to the table. When we're not doing that, we're building our own brands.

This site, it's projects and our campaigns are run by a passionate, fun-loving team living across the globe in Australia, Poland, Macedonia, the U.S, India, China & the Netherlands.

From the desks of our team.

Joining 1% for the Planet

Backpack has just signed up with 1% for the Planet.From this month onwards, we will pledge 1% of our total revenue, not profit, to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. And yup! This includes the revenue from all our project...

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Stimulus.js: Promising Beginnings

Bento, a product we're hoping to release next month, is built on Ruby on Rails. Whilst we're really proud of how far our team been able to push the framework to create the product we've always wanted, we felt it was missing something. It was missi...

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Want Our Free Email API?

Ever wish you had a magic button that spat out the email for the webmaster you're looking to contact?Well, wish no more! Tonight we opened up our API for public use. You can find the endpoint here and a nice, simple frontend that demonstrates how ...

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What's Happening With RankingPress?

The short answer: we're closing it down and merging it into the Backpack brand. We've decided between the team that we want to stay small, working with only a handful of clients at a time who help define us and our work, instead of letting growth ...

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Open Office Hours

So it’s about time we try office hours for Backpack Internet, starting with TrackYourPosition. Mondays through to Fridays from 6pm to 10pm (ICT), I’ll be standing by to take calls from customers, prospective customers, or anyone who has a question...

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Back To Basics

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that the landscape of SEO technology is starting to get a little overwhelming. There was a period where SEO tools where mindboggling simple, where you could dive in and get your answer in 5 seconds....

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Hello World

Glad you dropped by.Look around. There's lots of stuff to do and explore. Find what's relevant to you, ignore the rest and if you want to reach out to myself or someone on the team hit that chat box on the bottom right of the screen.Still here?Gre...

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Want to work with us?

We believe something magical happens when you bring passionate people from all around the world to work on interesting problems. If you're a marketer, designer or content writer then reach out to us today, we're always looking.

Email your CV & cover letter to Jesse

What some of our clients are saying.

"We recieved a crazy boost in our traffic from Google in no time at all thanks to their straight-forward technical SEO techniques that actually worked."

Shadi, Etools.io


"Jedi of SEO."

Anna Rakoczy, Founder of Homemade

"Here are just a handful of the orders we sent out of the weekend!"

German, Green Roads

"Jesse and his team helped us with a migration for one of our large clients. They’re super knowledgeable and helpful. Knowing they were across the SEO piece of the project was a weight off my mind.

Toby Cox, Dovetail

“Jesse and his team are some of the most innovative digital marketers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Along with deploying the latest techniques and tactics on our projects, he’s always going out of his way to help me with other aspects of my business“.

Richard, Nutrimena

"They are a wealth of knowledge in both the strategic and technical side of digital marketing. Whilst working with them they were on top of everything so I didn't have to be, and working alongside them is so much fun, the sprint call each week is hands down the highlight of my week!"

Lauren, Work Club Global

"Anything Jesse does has my stamp of approval."

Matt, Leadspring

"I wouldn't hesitate sending clients or family members his way."

Glen Allsopp, Viperchill & Gaps Founder

"I regularly refer friends to Backpack because I know they can handle clients who need results fast at the standards they expect."

Dirk, Marketing Inc

“Attention to detail, great communication and quick results, what more could you want?”

Kurt, CROGuy

"Shout out to @jessethanley and the team for helping us out with @amplifr. Super helpful and very supportive. 🙌"

Nate, Amplifr

"I spend one day a week here now thanks to online kicking ass."

Stu, Animal Supplements

“I have worked with dozens of consultants, and none have been as flexible as Jesse with respect to thinking creatively and genuinely trying to get the client exactly what is needed.”

Howard Bergman, Affiliate

"If you're busy and want to scale Facebook advertising you should hire Jesse. A great smart dude to work with!"

Chris, FoundersGrid

Got questions?

Press inquiries, opportunities, and general questions, comments, and concerns should be sent to Jesse Hanley, the company founder, via email. We get back to everyone within 24 hours.